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Our Approach

Our Approach

Team Science

We embrace a Team Science approach that acknowledges the advantage of dynamic, trans- and interdisciplinary teams to bring to bear innovative solutions that go beyond the typical academic “silo-ing” approach.

We are aiming to form a close community of people linked within and not only across UVA schools, but also across a wide range of academic disciplines by an understanding of how and why we do science.

Contagion Science emerges from fundamental challenges to our modern human society. It poses questions that are too elaborate for any one scientist and for any one discipline. Team Sciences offers new holistic perspectives by bringing together diverse teams that develop a connective thinking while contributing individual expertise. By doing so, the multidisciplinary solutions reflect the complexity of the challenges we target.

Team Science – a growing trend – is the way to innovation.

Private and public research funding organizations increasingly reflect a clear desire for an emphasis on collaborative, interdisciplinary team approaches that leverage synergies by identifying novel applications for existing and new ideas. By joining a Team Science mentality, junior and senior researchers and scientists alike receive opportunities to develop their individual careers and to prepare for leadership roles in private and public organizations.