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The Contagion Science program is hiring postdocs and faculty! For more information, check out our postings.

Top of the UVA Rotunda



A masked student studies on the porch of the UVA Rotunda

Experiential Learning

The University of Virginia aims for nothing less than the development of the full potential of talented students from all walks of life, resulting in a long-lasting reputation for personal and professional excellence. The Contagion Science program actively embraces this deep internal and external educational commitment through experiential learning opportunities where students work alongside researchers on real-world problems and solutions.

Participating faculty members are at the forefront of science and innovation. By leveraging their vast educational expertise, we aim to develop a range of transdisciplinary innovative opportunities for diverse audiences. Program alumni will be positioned to leverage significant interdisciplinary knowledge that enables them to identify and pursue extraordinary professional and academic opportunities.

Our transdisciplinary, outcome-focused Team Science approach is based on the appreciation of life-long learning. As the program grows over time, participating interns, students, and postdoctoral fellows will – under the careful guidance and mentoring of experienced principal investigators and faculty members – experience opportunities for immersive hands-on learning and independent research while they explore new scientific areas and make important contributions to unfolding research projects, policy dialogs, and interdisciplinary workshops.